RZJ PC DLMS meter service Tool
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RZJ PC DLMS meter service Tool
This software is developed using Java, which enables the software to run under both Windows and Linux operating system.

To maximum the scalability and compatibility, a method of configuring with XML is introduced to define the functions for specified meters. Adding support for new meters can be simplified to configuration work.

Supports both DLMS(IEC62056) and DL-T645.

Operator privilege is limited by authorization, all the operation carried out will be recorded for further auditing.


Daily/monthly/load profile data as well as instantaneous values.


It can be used to parameterizing/programming meters.


 Operator can perform all kinds of clearance operations, switch(relay) On/Off, even update firmware of meters.


A in-depth analysis can be carried out on meters to locate possible vulnerabilities  or risks, and suggest solutions for fixing them.

Data process:

 Data read from/written to meters will be saved into a local database for further exporting into an Excel file, which can be used by other systems.

This software should be run on Windows/Linux desktop/laptop computers.

It uses a USB optical probe to connect to meters.

It can also connect to meter through RS485 converter: